WAIWO Nov 2019

Due to time constraints and the fact that the war room (*cough* dining room) is being redecorated I haven’t been able to play any games for the past couple of weeks. I have managed however to plod on with some painting and stuff whilst sat on the couch watching television, a bit unorthodox but I … Continue reading WAIWO Nov 2019

DZC Solo Rules Version 1.0

First attempt at a basic AI mechanism for playing against Scourge using dice rolls and tables to determine deployment and actions.  I will also do one for UCM shortly, probably the only difference will be the Targeting Priorities table. 1. Roll for table edge (unless specified in scenario). 2. Roll on Battlegroup Deployment table: a. For … Continue reading DZC Solo Rules Version 1.0

The Gethsemane Campaign: Lightning Raid

Scenario: Lightning Raid (From the 2-player starter set) Factions: Scourge vs UCM Size: Skirmish With nearly all intel on Gethsemane dating from before the Scourge invasion up to date reports are urgently needed by UCM Field Command. Orbital recon and drone flights are all well and good but nothing can compare to on-the-ground information. So … Continue reading The Gethsemane Campaign: Lightning Raid